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Vein Treatment

Spider veins, or varicose veins, under your skin, can make you look older or less healthy than you feel. For the longest time, the only treatments for this embarrassing condition were medication or surgery. Fortunately, advances in medical technology make it possible for the very experienced staff of Hotchandani Laser Aesthetic to treat these conditions with a minimum of pain and downtime with a variety of vein and vascular treatment procedures.

Dr. Hotchandani trained as a vascular surgeon and has years of experience in the field of vascular treatment and medicine. He has used this expertise to improve the health, and now the appearance, of patients of all ages across the Appleton and Green Bay, WI, areas.

Laser endovenous ablation

Laser endovenous ablation uses a small laser fiber inserted into the veins to deliver pulsed laser light energy, which targets the walls of varicose veins and triggers them to collapse and seal shut. The body detects this loss of function and reroutes blood flow through healthy veins in the area to avoid recurrent varicose veins.

Although this vascular treatment does involve inserting a device into your body, the device itself is about the size of a needle. It will cause almost no pain and leave only a small, barely noticeable puncture mark at the insertion site.

Laser spider vein therapy

Laser spider vein therapy is a vein treatment that uses precisely calibrated lasers to treat the spider veins under your skin to seal and close off without any invasive incisions or insertions. The body detects this loss of blood vessels and reroutes blood flow through nearby healthy veins and capillaries.

This vascular treatment may require several applications over the course of several months to take full effect. But because it is noninvasive, it involves no pain, no anesthetic, and no significant downtime for recovery.

If you have an underlying vascular disorder that causes your spider veins, Dr. Hotchandani can diagnose it and recommend a treatment that will reduce their appearance.


The modern phlebectomy procedure employs a tiny hook inserted through an incision of less than a millimeter to identify and gently remove the varicose veins. A local anesthetic is used to numb the area. Sutures are not usually required, and you can be back on your feet the next day with compression for 48-72 hours.   


Sclerotherapy is a safe effective minimally invasive, almost pain-free, alternative to surgical removal of varicose veins. The treatment involves an injection of FDA approved agent Polidoconol to cause corrosion of the vein lining which triggers occlusion of the vein so the tube becomes a string which is eventually absorbed to completely remove the vein.

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