A Client’s Morpheus8 Journey

At Hotchandani Laser, Vein & Cosmetic Surgery, we want our patients to have the best experience possible. Recently, a patient shared her experience undergoing Morpheus8 treatment, and we’d like to share her words.

Young Woman Wearing Hat and Sunglasses

Saturday: Morpheus8 Treatment Day

I brought a hat along and wore sunscreen to protect my skin during the long car ride. I came to the office with no make-up or jewelry on that would get in the way.

After a detailed exam to review my concerns, Dr. Hotchandani cleansed my skin and applied numbing cream, which got to work very quickly. Even my lips were numb! An hour passed, and the treatment started—first with a test pass, which felt tolerable. As the treatment progressed, so did the discomfort—not pain—just a unique sensation of warmth and mini pokes. Dr. Hotchandani allowed me breaks as needed, as well as nitrous oxide for comfort. Twenty minutes later, we were done! I was red and a little swollen, and felt very warm in my face, but was ready to drive home (3.5 hours).

The air conditioning on the ride home helped keep my face cool. Once home, I tried not to bend over or lie flat to prevent more discomfort or swelling. I took an over-the-counter allergy med that night before bed to help minimize swelling.

Sunday: The Day After

I was still red with grid marks visible, but no discomfort. I waited a full 24 hours (even a bit longer) before showering and used cool water so as not to get too hot and cause more irritation of my face. I gently washed my face using the cleanser Dr. gave me, which helped remove residual dots of blood making my face look less red already. After showering, I applied the C&E ointment and sunscreen provided.

Monday: Two Days Post Treatment

Waking up still minimally swollen, I tried to drink lots of water. The grid marks are now superficial scabs. I applied a tinted sunscreen because I had to run an errand. I was glad to get home, though, because I am not quite ready for public. Although, from afar, I don’t think anyone would know I had anything done! Absolutely no discomfort today, unless I touch my jaw area. I think Dr. Hotchandani was more aggressive in that region, as that is where my sagging was prominent. And, every once in a while, I feel a slight itch.

Tuesday: Three Days Post Treatment

The itchiness has set in, but I know what that means: Healing! Skin is starting to slough off; I am resisting the urge to pick and let it exfoliate naturally. I still don’t feel like I can go out in public, even though from afar, with tinted sunscreen on, nothing looks amiss. The swelling is going down, too.

Profile with Arrows Showing Lifted Neck and Jawline

Wednesday: Four Days Post Treatment

The texture is starting to morph from scab-like to smooth. Still a little swollen.

Thursday: Five Days Post Treatment

I have really only been washing my face once daily because I don’t want to slough my scabs off too aggressively or prematurely. The front portion of my face is smooth and the grid marks are reduced. The sides of my face are still “scabby”. Grid marks are mostly visible on the sides and my forehead. Still some residual swelling that I don’t think others notice, but I can feel. I don’t feel too dry or overly tight. Today I will head to the store—my first big public outing—but I think I’ll save the gym for tomorrow or Saturday. I’ll do yoga at home, because I really need to move!

I am wishing I would have had under my chin treated, too!

Friday: Six Days Post Treatment

Sloughing is 90 percent complete—hooray! I confidently went out in public today and saw people I know. My skin looks a bit dry, but feels fine. I am AMAZED by the tightening effect already. Nasolabial folds are the biggest area of improvement so far.

Saturday: One Week Post Treatment

I wore my big sunhat and went to the farmer’s market today. I look and feel healed. I am already looking forward to another Morpheus8 treatment; it was 100 percent worth it!


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