Hotchandani Laser Aesthetic Patient Testimonials


*Results and patient experiences may vary for all below testimonials*

Gope C Hotchandani, M.D.

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“I am so impressed with Dr. Hotchandani! I recently had phototherapy done on my legs to remove many age spots that accumulated after years of much sun exposure. After one treatment 80% of the sun damage was removed! At first I was a little nervous about the process, but stayed patient for about the two weeks it took for the results appear. Now at 50 years old, I am no longer envious of my teenage daughters smooth young skin. I love the results!! Will be diligent about using sunscreen from here on out. Definitely would recommend Dr. Hotchandani’s services. He keeps so up-to-date on the latest equipment and procedures, friendly and made the solid recommendations that prioritized my needs and budget. So happy! Thank You!” – B. P. Phototherapy patient 3/28/14*

“I went to Dr. Hotchandani to get information on breast augmentation. I got accurate and useful information and decided to have the procedure. I am very happy about the results. I can’t wait for swimsuit season this year. I also had a procedure I had never heard of before called mesotherapy. Dr. Hotchandani injected my chin and cheeks and with only two treatments my profile has changed. I always felt like I had a double chin in pictures. Now I actually like pictures of myself!” – B.*

“In the year and a half that I have been a patient of the Hotchandani Laser and Vein Center, I have experienced satisfaction with all treatments that I have received.” – Dr. Dee Dee Carlton-Mason*

I recently had a complete Thermage treatment on my face, which included the eyes and neck. Although I experienced a split second of discomfort on certain areas of my face the overall experience was very pleasant for me. I feel the up-to-date equipment had a lot to do with an easier treatment plus the staff being very personable and patient. I would encourage anyone to consider this treatment. I have experienced good results in the past. It’s worth the investment!” -N.H.*

“With something that requires so much thought and research, you want to make sure you are making the “right” decision. I have always wanted a breast augmentation but never thought I had the courage to go through with it. Dr. Hotchandani and his staff made me feel comfortable with my decision and it turned out to be one of the best I have ever made!” -C.M.*

“I was very nervous about getting any procedures done and have wanted some done for years. The whole staff reassured me and made me feel confident that I was making a great decision. I’m so happy with my results and will last a lifetime. I feel more like a complete confident woman! Thanks!” H.B.*

“First, congratulations to Dr. Hotchandani and his entire staff on providing an atmosphere which is both professional and caring. I was terribly shy and apprehensive about the procedure I wanted. The staff and Dr. Hotchandani were so kind, gentle, and encouraging. I felt completely safe and comfortable. It is almost like family. As for my procedures, I had my breasts reduced and am more than pleased. It is wonderful to be able to button a blouse and wear a size smaller because I can zip up the back. My husband loves the look. I also had liposuction on my abdomen and am no longer looking 6 months pregnant! I am following up with a treatment [mesotherapy] that will further reduce the problems areas. Dr. Hotchandani is a perfectionist. He will work with you until you are both satisfied with the results….If anyone has any doubts, or questions, I’d be happy to share my experience with them. It is the best thing I have ever done and I only wish I hadn’t waited so long.” – C.G.*

“I had Tumescent Lipo 2 weeks ago, I was a little nervous to have this procedure performed as I wasn’t sure the results would be exactly what I wanted. I must say I was only down for the day of surgery. I was back in the gym working out two days after, at about 50%. The procedure was a breeze I can already see a difference. I am anxious to see the end result. I would recommend this procedure to anyone who will listen. You will not regret it. Talk to Dr. H today!!! You will not believe how great you can be. Thanks Denise, Joan and the rest of the staff you are all terrific. P.S. This is not the only procedure I’ve had. I love this place.” With great Appreciation, T.G.*

“I had liposuction done approximately five years ago–it was extremely painful. I could not do my regular routine for at least three weeks. I had a lot of areas that still had fat and [the treatment area] was lumpy. I went to Dr. Hotchandani for a consult and he suggested tumescent liposuction. I was skeptical because of my past experience, but I decided to go ahead with it. I went in on a Tuesday and back to work on Wednesday and back to regular exercise in three to four days. I am so excited about the results!! Dr. Hotchandani, his nurses, and staff were so friendly and made me feel so comfortable throughout the procedure. I would recommend it!”*

“On June 12 I had tumescent liposuction of fat on my back under my bra and above my waist. I had wanted liposuction for several years, but was leery of general anesthesia and pain. I also wanted to wait until the surgery was safer with little downtime. I am glad I waited. I was a little nervous, but the procedure went better than I could ever have imagined. I was awake the whole time. Dr. Hotchandani injected local anesthetic and I felt no pain during the procedure. Even after the procedure I only needed Tylenol for mild discomfort. I highly recommend tumescent liposuction and Dr. Hotchandani. I plan on having another area done in the future.” – C.B.*

“As a staff member of Hotchandani Laser and Vein Center, and having been in the aesthetic industry for over six years, I have full confidence in Dr. Hotchandani. After seeing successful results from tumescent liposuction performed by Dr. Hotchandani, I decided to have the procedure done myself. Dr. Hotchandani and his surgical team was warm, professional, and coached me through the entire procedure. I was in no pain what-so-ever. After one day of downtime, I was back to being a mom and employee. Two weeks post surgery, I am working out harder than ever and my clothes are fitting wonderfully!” – S.R.*

“I am extremely happy with my decision to have liposuction. I had been discouraged for a couple of years after checking with different doctors and the prices, etc. I discovered Dr. Hotchandani online while doing research on tummy tucks, etc. I called and found out that the initial consult was free, so I went. I found out that I could get the results I was looking for at a price I could afford, instead of the tummy tuck that was financially out of my reach. Dr. Hotchandani was really nice and I felt completely comfortable with him during my consult. Dr. Hotchandani was genuinely concerned that I was completely satisfied with my results, which I really appreciated. I have three kids and had the mom “pouch”. I had to buy bigger clothes just because of my stomach. No matter how much I exercised, I couldn’t get rid of it. I now have a flat stomach and feel so good about myself and my body. Buying clothes is fun and I feel great inside and out. I would recommend liposuction to anyone. I only took one day off and the pain was very minimal, so I didn’t have to worry about missing work, taking care of my kids, etc. Perfect for moms like me who are crazy-busy all of the time!” – K.L.*

“Great experience with minor pain and discomfort for about first 48 hours after procedure. Lost 25 lbs and 6 1/2 inches off the abdomen region. Clothes designated for the Goodwill and Salvation Army are fitting perfectly. Noticeable results approximately 2 weeks after the procedure and increased self-esteem and image. Definitely worth the results.” – J.S.*

“I came to the Hotchandani Laser Aesthetic Center because the hair on my upper lip was bothering me. After the first treatment I instantly felt better about that and about myself. The hair keeps disappearing every time I come back.” -S.J.*

“When I first started Botox I was really nervous, but the friendly professional staff at Hotchandani assured me there was nothing to it. They were right! I look and feel better about myself. I’m glad I took the steps to growing old gracefully.” – S.Z.*

“I really recommend Dr. Hotchandani to anybody who is thinking about having fillers and Botox. He truly is awesome :) Once again, I am happy! Thanks so much.” – B.S.*

“Dr. Hotchandani and staff gave my life back to me. I feel beautiful not only on the outside, but also beautiful on the inside too. My self-esteem is now 100% and I am so excited to enjoy every day as my new person. I catch my husband looking at me with a twinkle in his eye. Now, does it get any better than that! My procedures included Botox, Thermage, and Radiesse. Believe me, their procedure and professionalism were worth every penny. How does one put a dollar sign on how one looks and feels. I took a chance. I’m grateful for a new beginning!” -K.M.*

“I don’t often leave comments/testimonials, but I’d love for some patient to do what I did for my rosacea with Dr. Hotchandani. For almost ten years I’ve let rosacea get the better of my self-esteem. At the age of 47, I decided to do something about it. From the very first time that I met with Dr. Hotchandani I felt that there was some real hope for me. I’ve now had two laser treatments and those treatments have truly changed my life. The only downfall is that I didn’t do it earlier. Whoever you are out there feeling the embarrassment of rosacea…take the step and gain back the skin you dream of. I’m still in awe of my personal results each day…especially when I’ve gotten rid of the many concealers that I have long been part of daily routines. I LOVE this man’s work on rosacea!” – M.*

“I suffered from Rosacea related flushing and some permanent redness. Flushing would come on for no apparent reason; and also good reasons (ie sun, alcohol, heat, emotions). Trying to lead a normal life, I needed this corrected. Gemini laser treatments toned down my flushing by about 70%. A good deal of my redness has subsided. Price is reasonable enough for a good piece of mind. Hotchandani Laser, Vein and Cosmetic Surgery offered me more confidence and a better look about myself.” – A.*

“I had painful varicose veins. Dr. Hotchandani performed Endovenous Ablation. After a week of discomfort my legs feel great and the unsightly veins have disappeared. His staff did a great job in handling the insurance information. I am very pleased with the results!” – A.K.*

“The Hotchandani Laser Center was a truly amazing experience. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable. Dr. Hotchandani was very caring and respectful of my needs. You feel very at ease and know that they are offering the best treatments available. I am recommending the center to everyone who needs to have varicose vein treatment.” – C.B.*

“Dr. Hotchandani, You are so kind I want to thank you. Way back when no one would or could do laser surgery for my leg, you did a procedure called Venacure. The procedure turned my life around I was able to walk again with no pain. I always wanted to thank you in a little note. God bless you over and over again.” – P.B.*

“Dr. Hotchandani and his staff are very educated and up to date on all the latest and greatest beauty secrets out there. They made me feel very comfortable. I had a wonderful experience! I feel like a brand new woman….”*

“After completing research on local surgeons, I made my consult with Dr Hotchandani. I was more than happy with the staff and all of my many questions were answered. Before, during and after my surgery the staff made me feel comfortable and were all very knowledgeable. I am very pleased with my results and would highly recommend friends and family to have breast augmentation, laser treatments and/ or botox with Dr Hotchandani. Dr Hotchandani is very personable and never once made me feel uncomfortable during my visits. I have had laser treatments, Botox and breast augmentation which have always turned out with amazing results.”*

“Dr. Hotchandani is an amazing man. I had other consultations before contacting Hotchandani, they were only interested in taking my money. The first time I spoke with Dr. Hotchandani. I could tell he had a heart. He was so interested in what kind of results I wanted. Never once did I feel uncomfortable, and I think it’s because of his personality. He is always smiling. He is a Doctor that a person can joke with and actually get some smiles and laughter back. I would recommend Dr .Hotchandani to my Mother, my Sister, and my best friends. This is how much I trust dr. Hotchandani.”*

“Excellent doctor and staff, I was very comfortable, and they told me exactly to expect, I had body jet and smartlipo combined. I am very happy!”*

“Dr Hotchandani is incredible. He is truly an artist. I would trust no one else with my face. I had fillers injected, radiesse and Juvederm into the nasolabial folds, frown lines and around my lips. The results were totally amazing. He also performed the skintyte procedure with totally incredible results. It was truly worth the money. I can’t say enough about Dr. Hotchandani he is a perfectionist. I have had other experiences with cosmetic surgeons with very poor results. I’m so grateful I found Dr. Hotchandani!”*

“Dr. H was always very curious at each procedure. He made it a pleasant atmosphere & was very upfront with me. He was always very professional, but yet personable that I felt comfortable to ask him questions. His staff is also very courteous…”*

* Results and patient experience may vary.