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Get ready for a new innovation in eyelash health.

Over time, lashes may thin. More than double lash fullness in 16 weeks. 

LATISSE® is the first and only prescription treatment approved by the FDA for inadequate or not having enough eyelashes, growing them longer, fuller and darker.*

LATISSE® is easy to use, FDA approved and effective. It’s a once-a-day treatment you apply topically to the base of your upper eyelashes. Patients in a clinical trial saw results gradually over time.

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*Results and patient experience may vary.

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What to Expect

LATISSE® solution is a prescription treatment for hypotrichosis used to grow eyelashes, making them longer, fuller, and darker.* Put your eyelash extensions and beauty tube mascara away, and grow the natural lashes you’ve always wanted.*

Eyelash hypotrichosis is another name for having inadequate or not enough eyelashes.

*Results and patient experience may vary.

How Does it Work?

LATISSE® makes lash growth possible through its active ingredient bimatoprost. Although the precise mechanism of action is not known, research suggests that the growth of eyelashes occurs by increasing the percent of hairs in, and the duration of, the anagen (or growth) phase. Lashes can grow longer, thicker and darker because bimatoprost can also prolong this growth phase.*

*Results and patient experience may vary.

Patient Experience

The onset of effect with LATISSE® solution is gradual. In the clinical trial, the majority of LATISSE® users saw a significant improvement by 2 months.* An application is very easy with a drop of solution applied to an applicator and then drawn across the upper eyelid at the base of the lashes once a day.

You should not use LATISSE® solution if you are allergic to one of its ingredients. Also, tell your Hotchandani Laser, Vein and Cosmetic Surgery provider if any of the following apply to you:

  • Previously diagnosed with eye pressure problems: People with a history of eye pressure problems (specifically elevated intraocular pressure) should speak to an eye care specialist before starting LATISSE®
  • Currently taking medication for eye pressure problems: People taking medication to lower their IOP should be closely monitored while using LATISSE® solution
  • Have risk factors for glaucoma: People with risk factors for an eye condition called glaucoma, including a family history of glaucoma, should speak to an eye care specialist before starting LATISSE®

* Results and patient experience may vary.