Functional Medicine

IFM’s mission is to ensure the wide spread adoption of functional medicine. Health and vitality are essential to the human spirit. IFM’s vision is to advance the highest expression of individual health.Dr. Hotchandani is a member of this ever expanding group and he believes in the functional medicine concept of finding the root cause and will continue to promote this field to improve on current state of our healthcare for chronic conditions and neglected overall wellbeing aspect. The precise manifestation of each cause depends on the individuals genes, environment, and lifestyle, and only treatments that address the right cause will have many benefits beyond symptom suppression.

What is Functional Medicine

Functional medicine works as a healthcare transformation catalyst. It treats the root cause of various conditions, using personalized patient plans to restore patient’s health. This has become fairly important, especially as the cost and scope of chronic diseases are on the rise.

More than half of the adult population has at least one chronic health condition. This brings numerous costs in the long run and unless the problem is solved it will keep bringing additional costs to the patient.

Functional medicine is a system that does not focus only on addressing the symptoms in the first place.

Dr. Hotchandani is committed to functional medicine practice model, this model offers a better sense to professional satisfaction as patents feel healthier for a long time. More clients are excited to have this practice available to them with Dr. Hotchandani.

Dr. Hotchandani’s Membership in the Institute of Functional Medicine

The Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) provides the tools and information that members need to optimize health. By obtaining the certification, members have access to essential information for improving a person’s health through lifestyle interventions.

This also helps Dr. Hotchandani gain access to IFM toolkits, practice models, and classes necessary to improve his knowledge. A member of IFM can easily expand their clinical tools, allowing them to address the complaints of a patient.

As a member of the Institute for Functional Medicine, Dr. Hotchandani is a thoroughly trained professional. By receiving treatment from Dr. Hotchandani, you will enjoy long-lasting effects from your medical treatment.

Mission and Vision

The mission of the Institute for Functional Medicine is to encourage the adoption of functional medicine. This is why Dr. Hotchandani takes the steps not only to treat your symptoms but correct underlying causes. He will provide the necessary treatment for each patient, but also the information necessary to ensure a healthy lifestyle.

The vision of the Institute for Functional Medicine is also straightforward: to advance to the highest level of human health. IFM members believe that vitality and health are essential for leading a healthy life. The human spirit needs to have the capacity to heal itself, to achieve a deeper level of wellness than regular medicine can offer.

DEIB Commitment

The Institute for Functional Medicine and the member clinicians state their commitment to a Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive (DEI) medical future. They want to improve the wellness field by making functional medicine more approachable. They also want to create a belonging (B) culture among the members, encouraging collaboration.

As part of IFM, each practitioner or member is perceived as a valued team member. The partners are given collective responsibility, receiving help from one another to improve the health of a patient. As a result, if you are receiving treatment from a doctor who’s an IFM member, you are in fact being treated by a whole chain of doctors.

The Institute for Functional Medicine is determined to nourish an inclusive team culture. As a result, each member is respected and valued for their background, expertise, perspective, identity, and more. By embracing these differences, the IFM hopes to diversify and grow its community of patients and practitioners, encouraging a general sense of wellness.

In terms of functional medicine, IFM is a nonprofit leader. Each member can help their patients recover from chronic illnesses, putting a halt to their ravaging path. They can also help encourage their inner capacity for healing and well-being through different tactics, including the introduction of food plans and exercise.