Choose the Right Incision for Your Breast Augmentation

Undergoing breast augmentation is a major decision for any woman. This surgery is something that should be thought about intently before fully committing to it. Not only do you need to decide that you are going to get a breast augmentation, but you will need to find the best surgeon for you, choose between silicone or saline, and also decide what incision style you would like your surgeon to perform.

What Is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation adds fullness to the breasts by inserting implants in the chest. The implants can be silicone or saline. Whichever implant you choose, they will improve the projection of the bust to create a more pleasing chest contour. The ideal candidates for breast augmentation are women who have smaller breasts, poor breast shape, or deflated and uneven breasts.

Incision Locations

There are three different types of incisions that can be performed during your breast augmentation surgery. Dr. Hotchandani will help you decide which of these incisions will work best for you after a thorough consultation.

Axillary: Crease of the Underarm

This incision is located in the armpit or the crease of the underarm. It is not as popular as the others. While it would be nice to hide the scars a bit more, it isn’t as ideal for silicone implants, as it can damage the shell during surgery.

Periareolar: Around the Areola

The periareolar incision is good for women who have smaller breasts with more defined, larger areolae. During this technique, an incision is made at the edge of the outer areolar area. The scar will blend into the natural pigmentation and texture of the areola, which essentially makes it hidden in plain sight.

Inframammary: Under the Breast

The inframammary incision is ideal for larger silicone implants or gummy bear implants. The incision is created underneath the breast, in the natural breast crease. The scar is typically two-to-three inches long, and it can be hidden easily.

Schedule your consultation

By scheduling your consultation, you will be able to discuss your breast augmentation goals and desires with Dr. Hotchandani. He can go over all of the incision locations in detail and determine which will be the right incision for your breasts and the breast appearance you desire.

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