EMFACE® Submentum Applicator – Everything You Need to Know About the Benefits

Chin fat can significantly impact your self-esteem, with an average of 73 percent of people being bothered by it. The problem is that, unlike fat in other areas of your body, chin fat is not easy to address. This happens because it is more challenging to target the area. 

EMFACE® has provided the opportunity to sculpt your facial features, and with the addition of the submentum applicator, things are looking even better. With this tool, you can target chin fat and tone your jaw area to achieve a more lifted, defined look. Read this blog and learn how the EMFACE® submentum applicator can help improve your features. 

How Does the EMFACE® Submentum Applicator Work

The EMFACE® submentum applicator delivers a combination of HIFES™ muscle stimulation and synchronized radiofrequency to improve the features of the chin. Once applied to the target area, it disrupts and liquefies excess fat cells, killing them. Over time, the body will remove these cells through the lymphatic system and reveal a slimmer, more toned look. 

The HIFES™ technology used with EMFACE® tones the muscle and burns the fat, and the RF energy stimulates collagen production. This treatment helps improve skin laxity, tightening it and offering a more contoured aesthetic. 

Benefits of the EMFACE® Submentum Applicator

You can enjoy complete facial rejuvenation when using the EMFACE® submentum applicator with the other tools and experience little to no discomfort. Below are some benefits you may enjoy from using our newest addition – the submentum applicator:

    • Jawline Definition

Sometimes, double chins and sagging jawlines happen because you have excess skin on your face. Caused by rapid weight loss or aging, excess skin might sag and give the impression of jowls and a double chin. The EMFACE® submentum applicator triggers collagen and elastin production, tightening the skin and reducing the appearance of jowls. 

Additionally, the HIFES™ technology triggers muscle contractions like exercise does, toning the muscles in the area. This offers the jawline a sculpted and sharper definition. 

    • Minimally Invasive

While liposuction and other similar procedures are great options for reducing chin fat, they come with a recovery process. This can be very inconvenient for those people who cannot take time off. As the EMFACE® submentum applicator does not involve incisions, it’s a better alternative for busy women and men who need to take advantage of every minute. 

The EMFACE® chin applicator does not pierce the skin, instead, it sends the energy necessary to activate the muscles. While you might notice some soreness after the procedure, it should be no different than a day at the gym. Most patients can continue their daily routine right after leaving the office.

    • Targeted Fat Reduction

Chin fat is one of the most stubborn types of fat to deal with as it does not respond to most of the dieting and exercising you go through. Without the ability to target it through extensive muscle contractions, the fat can remain there even if you lose overall weight. The EMFACE® submentum applicator targets that fat in particular, reducing it along with the look of a double chin.

    • Natural Results

Numerous treatments, especially of the surgical nature, can help you reduce chin fat and obtain a rejuvenated look. However, depending on the procedure, you risk getting that “done” look, especially if it adds volume to your facial features. 

With the EMFACE® submentum applicator, the results are natural, as it follows your own features. Your muscles will do the work, and the fat gradually dissipates over time to allow for a smooth transition.

Sculpt Your Chin With EMFACE® Submentum

The EMFACE® Submentum applicator is an excellent addition to the EMFACE® line, allowing you to obtain a beautifully sculpted chin and jawline. Used with the other EMFACE® applicator, you can receive a full facial rejuvenation treatment. Contact Dr. Hotchandani and set up an appointment for the EMFACE® submentum applicator!


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