Enhancing Wellness and Beauty – Introducing Our Newest Devices and Procedures!

At Hotchandani Laser, Vein & Cosmetic Surgery, we always aim to provide our clients with services that minimize or avoid downtime with less or no pain and better outcomes through proven advanced technologies and research. As a result, we often bring cutting-edge technologies that have revolutionized how we approach beauty and wellness. Keep reading and discover what new benefits you can enjoy by coming to our clinics in Green Bay and Appleton.  

What Happens With Your Body as You Age

Even during the early stages of aging your body goes through various changes. This includes a decrease in the metabolic rate and hormonal changes. While you only lose about 1 to 2% of your body’s ability to process fat per decade, this includes stubborn fat pockets, and loss of muscle and bone mass, these changes add up. 

Collagen also drops by 1 to 1.5% per year causing skin to lose its plumpness, firmness, elasticity, and luster. This ends up in wrinkles, fine lines, cellulite, and skin sagging all over your body. 

To undo damage and restore youthfulness, our results-oriented, friendly, and experienced staff provide the best available devices, products, and procedures today. 

Devices You Want To Request

  • EXION™ Face Applicator

Delivers a combination of radiofrequency and targeted ultrasound to improve collagen and elasticity and greatly boost hyaluronic acid production. This helps plump your features while reducing fine lines, skin sagging, and wrinkles without pain or downtime. No needles! You can even resume all your daily activities! 

  • EXION™ Fractional RF

Every other company in the aesthetic industry has Fractional RF. Unique features of this device include being able to reach much deeper, being able to do the treatment with or without numbing to rejuvenate and tighten skin, and being able to destroy pockets of fat for the face and body. EXION™ Fractional RF gives our clients a much better outcome and experience, which is the beauty of this device. 

  • EMFEMME 360®

EMFEMME 360 is a noninvasive radiofrequency procedure for vaginal laxity and sexual dysfunction. Treatment time is short and painless. Areas of improvement include sexual health and urinary incontinence often used in conjunction with EMSELLA®, which provides greater muscle tone to the pelvic floor. 


When your pelvic floor is no longer as strong as it should be, the EMSELLA® treatment can help you regain control. Using high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM™) technology, it triggers contractions to strengthen the muscles. A mere 30-minute treatment is the same as 11,000 Kegels, tightening the vaginal area.

Aside from urinary incontinence issues, EMSELLA® can significantly improve your sex life. It can be used by women and men alike to enhance sexual satisfaction, but men could also use it to treat erectile dysfunction.

  • PRX Derm Perfexion (Formerly PRX-T33®)

PRX is a 15 to 20-minute office-based treatment used all throughout the world. It is gentle, safe, and suitable for any skin type. It is recommended to be done weekly in four sessions. It uses a unique patented combination of hydrogen peroxide, TCA, and kojic acid and works by biorevitalization without downtime. Once applied it improves collagen, texture, tone, pigmentation stretch marks, acne, and skin laxity. Usually done correctly does not cause much peeling and can be used year-round for adults and children. 

Check Out Our New Devices & Procedures!

Obtaining the dream body, clarity of your skin, and sexual health is easier than ever when you have access to the top-of-the-line products and procedures at Hotchandani Laser, Vein & Cosmetic Surgery. 

To feel more confident than ever, contact Dr. Hotchandani, who provides functional medicine, weight loss with semaglutide’s, and bio identical hormones as well as laser, vein, and cosmetic surgeries. 

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