New Year’s Resolution: Body-Sculpting Treatment Offerings

With the New Year coming closer, the time for resolutions is also here. At this point, you begin looking at yourself in the mirror and thinking about who you want to be. Some want to be healthy and kick a habit that they’ve had for a long time. Others want to lose weight or give their body a better shape, which is why the number of gym memberships spikes when January comes around.

Exercising for a better you is a good thing. However, certain things could make you stick to your plans with more ease. With the right procedure, you can sculpt your body into a better shape, fitting your New Year’s resolution. This blog can offer you guidance.

Why Start Body Sculpting After New Year’s?

Many of the people who begin going to the gym in January often quit before February even ends. Whether you keep going or not depends on what motivates you. Some people want to get healthier, whereas others are looking to become slimmer and fit. That being said, once they see that their results are not improving as fast as they’d want, they lose motivation and quit their spree. This is why it is often a good idea to combine exercise and resolutions with cosmetic procedures.

Starting your efforts right after New Year’s gives you time to get your body into shape. Most body-sculpting procedures take time for you to see the effects. By starting at the New Year, no matter if you are exercising, body sculpting, or both, you’ll be able to enjoy full results by the time summer comes around.

Top Treatments for a Sculpted Body

Surgery is not the only way for you to sculpt your body and spring you into shape. Several non-invasive procedures can also help you, including:


Exercise improves your muscle tone and strengthens your body, but some areas can be very hard to target. Despite how many specialized exercises you go through, your stomach might refuse to stay firm, your arms might look saggy, and your love handles could be constantly popping up underneath your clothes.

Using HIFEM® and RF technology, EMSCULPT NEO® destroys fat cells permanently and also triggers your muscles into supra-maximal contractions. As a result, you can slim down the fat areas and strengthen the muscle tissue. The supra-maximal contractions produced with the EMSCULPT NEO® not only reduce subcutaneous fat but also visceral fat. 

2. Evolve: TrimTiteTone

Anyone can have excess fat, sagging skin, and cellulite, regardless of their weight. Maybe you’ve reached your goals when it comes to the scale, but the look of your body is still making you unhappy. This is where the Evolve treatment can help, as it can be customized to different body-sculpting needs. 

Evolve uses a trim-tite-tone system based on radiofrequency (RF) and electromagnetic energy to tone your body. First, the RF energy will be used to reduce fat in your body that has been resistant to exercise. The same RF energy will then be used to tighten the skin that has become loose over time. Lastly, electromagnetic energy can stimulate muscle contractions, toning your body.

3. Medical Weight Loss – Semaglutide

Most minimally invasive procedures work best when you are already near your weight goal, acting as spot treatments. However, if that is not the case, the Hotchandani weight loss program can help you shed excess weight.

Relying on semaglutide, the medical weight loss treatment goes after the GLP-1 receptors in your brain. This receptor controls your appetite and cravings, causing you to potentially eat more than you should. The treatment can keep these cravings and your hunger low, giving you a sensation of fullness even if you only ate a small meal.

Choose the Right Body-Sculpting Treatment for You!

Sculpting that perfect body may be easier than you think. You just need to find the right treatments for your needs and follow through with them. By the time the warm season returns, you should be able to boast a well-sculpted beach body. Call Hotchandani Laser, Vein & Cosmetic Surgery for an appointment!


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