Tattoo Removal & Skin Revitalization

Tattoo Removal & Skin Revitalization

PicoSure in Appleton, Wisconsin and Green Bay, Wisconsin

We’ve done it again! Hotchandani Laser, Vein and Cosmetic Surgery Center is the FIRST and ONLY provider in Wisconsin to offer PicoSure.


ba_picosure_cynosure_post3tx_sunRevolutionary Laser Tattoo and Pigment Removal Available in the Appleton and Green Bay, WI Area

If you’re an Appleton or Green Bay area resident who’s been searching for a safe and effective way to remove your unwanted tattoos or reduce the appearance of unwanted age spots, brown spots and pigment discolorations, Hotchandani Laser, Vein and Cosmetic Surgery Center has the perfect solution.

ba_picosure_cynosure_post4tx_crossWe are proud to be Wisconsin’s first and only provider of the FDA-approved PicoSure laser treatment, which uses cutting-edge technology to deliver unprecedented results for both eliminating unwanted tattoos and reducing skin pigment discolorations.

Thanks to PicoSure, you no longer have to endure long, drawn out tattoo and pigment removal procedures that deliver mediocre results at best. PicoSure allows you to obtain the outcome you desire with fewer treatments, faster recovery time and undeniably superior results.

How Does the PicoSure Laser Work?

ba_picosure_geronemus_post1tx_piglesions2PicoSure utilizes short bursts of PressureWave Technology to break tattoo ink down into extremely small, individual particles which the body can easily eliminate. Unlike many other modern tattoo and pigment removal technologies, PicoSure targets the ink and pigment more effectively than ever before. It’s even capable of successfully removing ink colors such as blue and green, which other technologies often fail to accomplish.

* Results and patient experience may vary.

Learn more about the technology in the below video: