Why Should I Add a Breast Lift to My Breast Augmentation?

Many women often feel self-conscious and embarassed by the appearance of their breasts. Whether because of genetics or from a life event, like pregnancy and childbirth, many women are upset that their breasts are smaller than they’d like or their breasts are asymmetrical. The good news is that breast augmetnation surgery can correct the apperance of the breasts by making the breasts larger, more voluminous, and symmetrical. But something else that women struggle with is sagging breasts. Luckily, a breast lift can help restore your breasts to a higher, perkier position. But why only correct the size or the height of your breasts? Why not combine the two procedures so that you can have a complete and dramatic transformation to your breasts?


Why Do Our Breasts Sag?

Age and pregnancy are the two most common reasons that our breasts sag. As we get older, the levels of collagen and elastin in our skin decreases. Collagen and elastin are responsible for the health, strength, and elasticity of our skin. Additionally, during and after pregnancy, the breast tissue stretches out to make room for milk production. Whether you choose to breastfeed or not, the breast tissue does not always return to how it once was, leaving the breasts to sag and droop.

What Results Can I Expect From a Combined Procedure?

Breast augmentation surgery increases the size and shape of the breasts, but it does not lift them. Instead, breast lift surgery (mastopexy) is needed to lift the breasts to a perkier height. With a breast augmentation with lift, you will have fuller breasts that are returned to a higher, more youthful position. After your combined procedure, you’ll look and feel the way you’ve always wanted. You’ll be able to wear the clothing (and bikinis) you’ve always wanted to wear but never had the right breast size to pull it off. And with your contoured and youthful aesthetic, you’ll feel confident and comfortable.

Why Else Should I Combine a Breast Lift With My Breast Augmentation?

In addition to a more complete transformation, combining a breast lift with your augmentation is practical. When you combine procedures, you cut down on the overall cost and recovery time. Instead of paying for your fees twice (fees like anesthesia, surgeon’s fees, facility fees, etc.), you only need to pay for it once. And you will be recovering from both procedures at the same time, which means that you won’t have to wait as long to show off your stunning results.

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