Celebrate Your Weight Loss By Addressing Excess Tissue!

Losing a large amount of weight takes a lot of hard work and is a significant achievement. However, once the fat is gone, you can be left with loose skin that obscures your new shape and can cause uncomfortable chafing.

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For patients who are concerned about excess sagging skin, there are surgical solutions. These procedures can be tailored to the patient’s needs to provide a slimmer silhouette and alleviate discomfort caused by the rubbing of loose skin.

Remove Loose Arm Skin

The upper arms are notoriously difficult to tone, especially after significant weight loss. Arm lift surgery, or brachioplasty, can be performed to remove sagging skin and stubborn fat deposits from this area of the body.

An incision is made that follows from the underarm to the elbow, along the inside of the upper arm. Excess skin and fatty tissue are removed, and the incision is closed using sutures. Patients will not be able to do any heavy lifting for up to six weeks but should be able to resume most other activities after about four weeks.

Correct Sagging Breasts

As you age or lose weight, your breasts can begin to lose volume, causing them to sag and look deflated. Breast lift surgery is performed to restore the “perkiness” of the breasts and remove excess skin. If you would like to restore volume, breast augmentation can be combined with your breast lift.

Incisions are made on the breasts, the breast tissue is tightened, and excess skin is removed. Most patients can return to work within about two weeks, and although there may be scarring, it can be concealed with clothing and will fade over time.

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Address Abdominal Laxity

The most common procedure to address loose skin and residual fat on the abdomen is the tummy tuck, which utilizes an incision made between the hip bones to remove excess skin, repair separated muscles, and provide a more youthful-looking midsection. It can take several months for any swelling to resolve completely, but many patients can return to work in about two weeks.

If residual fat is more of a concern, and the skin still retains good elasticity, liposuction may be a good alternative to a tummy tuck. Dr. Hotchandani performs a variety of liposuction techniques, depending on your needs.

Combining Procedures

Patients who have achieved massive weight loss may have the option of having more than one procedure performed at one time. Combining surgical techniques can be beneficial for several reasons. The overall cost will be lowered because you only have to pay fees, such as facility and anesthesia fees, once. You will also be able to recover from all of your procedures at once, rather than having to endure a recovery period after each surgery.



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