Everything You Need to Know about VASERlipo

Everything You Need to Know about VASERlipo

Your face and body represent and define you, making a very powerful statement about who you are. That’s why it makes sense to ensure you shine with your best face and body at all times—which is what we help you do at Hotchandani Laser Aesthetic. Whether it’s hair removal, acne treatment, or some other treatment or procedure you want to be done, we have you covered.

Now, we’re proud to announce the VASERlipo System to take body sculpting to the next level.

Have no idea what the VASERlipo System is or what it’s supposed to do? That’s why the Hotchandani Laser Aesthetic team is here, so keep reading…

What Is VASERlipo?

VASER is the latest evolution in devices that use ultrasound to liquefy fat before its removal via suction. VASER stands for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance, which essentially means ultrasound. VASERlipo was designed to revamp and optimize body sculpting, providing incredible power and precision from one minimally invasive device. The easily maneuverable unit needs much less space and can provide unprecedented results in body sculpting procedures.

But it’s not magic; it’s rooted in science. Let’s look at the science behind the VASERlipo System.

Thin, multi-ringed probes emit minimal amounts of ultrasound energy to emulsify fatty components; fatty tissue cells are then dislodged from the supporting tissue matrix. This is done via the Acoustic Streaming effect the probes produce. Atraumatic cannulas called VentX® cannulas to remove the emulsified fat but preserve the tissue matrix. It’s a four-step process: The fatty layer gets injected with tumescent fluid; the high-frequency vibrations make gas bubbles in the fluid expand and collapse, separating the fat cells from the surrounding tissue matrix.  Emulsified fat is removed with VentX® cannulas, and then skin retraction happens via remodeling the preserved tissue.

Is VASERlipo Better?

Standard liposuction is often somewhat aggressive, whereas the VASERlipo System is quite the opposite, using milder and modern ultrasound techniques. A major advantage is that it can recognize differences between targeted fat and other important tissues. VASERlipo selectively seperates the fat from surrounding tissue, sparing nerves, vessels and surrounding matrix, which means it can save the good tissues while deconstructing the fat you want to eliminate. By turning the fat into liquid and immediately extracting it, healing is accelerated, leaving a natural finish in the end.

How Can the VASERlipo System Be Used?

Because VASERlipo is combined into one small, minimally invasive device, it allows the removal of much smaller amounts of fat, meaning precision contouring is no longer a dream, but something that can actually happen. Larger volumes can also be removed if you want rapid debulking. Finally, you can have your fat treated and removed during a VASERlipo System procedure, and then have it optimized for a fat transfer procedure. Combined, this means you’ll get powerful, proven results, since your connective tissue will remain and fat cells will still be viable if fat transfer is needed.

But it doesn’t stop there: VASERlipo also can let you take your treatment to a whole new level with VASER Hi-Def Sculpting. The fat around muscle groups can be removed, making your muscles look more defined and sculpted. Alternately, you can elect to have a VASERsmooth® procedure. VASERsmooth probes work like other VASERlipo probes, breaking apart fatty tissue while preserving connective tissue. However, the fragmentation edge can also be used to slice through hardened septa, which can cause contouring irregularities or skin dimpling. Suffice to say, the VASERlipo System is an extremely comprehensive product that can be used for a wide array of results!

Can I Get VASERlipo at Hotchandani Laser Aesthetic?

Absolutely! VASERlipo works on a wide variety of patients and situations. Whether you have a post-pregnancy body, are male, or want to have the procedure done while awake, our experienced surgeons can help. We understand the importance of making sure you’re proud and confident in the body and face you have, and we constantly stay on top of the latest technology to make sure it’s effective for you.

No matter what situation you find yourself in, give us a call so we can discuss your options and help you fully understand how the VASERlipo System works. At Hotchandani Laser Aesthetic in Appleton and Green Bay, we strive to make sure you’re fully satisfied with the body you have.

Feel free to get in touch with us. If you’re in Green Bay, call us at (920) 497-9996; in Appleton, call (920) 738-6666. We look forward to hearing from you!

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