Taking Care of Your Skin During the Hot Summer Months

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As soon as the temperatures rise and the summer begins to take off, it is time to plan fun outdoor activities. Many people spend these warmer months swimming, sunbathing, playing sports, or barbecuing with the family. Before running outside or jumping into the pool, however, you should take some precautions to protect your skin from harmful ultraviolet (UV) and UVB rays. Everyone has different skin needs, so picking up products at the local drug store may not give you the effect you are looking for. Adopting a personalized skin care routine, particularly in the summertime, can slow the effects of aging and maintain a bright complexion.

What Happens to the Skin During Summer

The skin ages in two ways: chronological (naturally due to time and genetics) and environmental (external factors like sun exposure, pollutants, ozone contaminants, smoke, diet, and alcohol consumption). The sun is to blame for a significant amount of environmental aging. Being outdoors in the heat can damage and dehydrate the skin, leading to complexion concerns and premature signs of aging. When the dermis loses water rapidly, it can become dry, flaky, and irritated. As a result, it may produce excessive oil, contributing to acne breakouts and other flare-ups. Some may resort to blasting the cold air conditioner to combat hot weather, but it can reduce the humidity in the room and your skin.

What Is Best for Your Skin

Taking care of your skin yields the best outcome when you know what it needs most. By melding professional skin care with other healthy practices, you can preserve a youthful aesthetic and enjoy lasting improvement.

Customized Skin Care

Our experienced specialists can assess your skin to determine the best approach to keep your skin bright and beautiful. We proudly offer SkinMedica®, a professional line of products that are scientifically designed to produce long-lasting and natural results. Each regimen is customized to the patient’s unique skin type to address their needs. Depending on your specific condition, you may benefit from a combination of products that exfoliate, hydrate, revitalize, and protect the skin. SkinMedica® can treat a range of concerns, such as:

  • Sun damage
  • Age spots
  • Acne
  • Dry or oily skin
  • Dull complexion

At-Home Practices

Aside from obtaining a personalized skin care regimen, other ways to be mindful of your skin health during summer, include:

  • Sun protection: Even if you do not plan on being out in the sun for very long, it is crucial to wear sunscreen. Not all rays are the same; the sun emits different types of damaging rays including: ultraviolet (UV), visible light, and infrared (IR). The use of adequate sun protection can prevent skin damage and wrinkles.
  • Hydration: Drinking plenty of fluids keeps your skin hydrated in the hot summer weather. Applying moisturizer or SkinMedica® HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator can help as well. It is recommended to drink at least eight glasses of water to replenish the skin from the inside out.
  • A balanced diet: Consuming a diet rich in fruits and vegetables can hydrate the skin and help rid the body of impurities that can have a negative impact on your complexion. Junk foods
  • Salutary choices: Avoiding certain habits like tobacco use and excessive drinking is beneficial for not only the condition of your skin but also your overall well-being. These activities can compromise the appearance of your skin and impede organ function over time.


To schedule a skin assessment appointment and obtain a customized SkinMedica® routine, please call our Green Bay office at 920-497-9996 or our Appleton location at 920-738-6666 today!