What Is a Fractora Treatment?

Fractora by Inmode is fracturing the existing world of facial rejuvenation technology and providing exciting, dependable results. If your face is heavily lined, wrinkled, or scarred from acne, has pigment irregularities, or just looks a bit loose, this can lower your confidence and cause you to spend a great deal of money on creams, lotions, and procedures that don’t provide desired lasting effects. Dealing with facial flaws can be frustrating when you don’t see results that truly change the appearance of your face.

Hotchandani Laser wants to introduce you to the Fractora treatment by Inmode, a procedure that’s changing the face of cosmetic technology—and that will change yours, too.

How does it work?

Fractora is an FDA-approved facial rejuvenation treatment that reduces or eliminates the appearance of aesthetic flaws on the face, such as deep wrinkles, acne scarring, discolorations in the skin, unsightly veins, and even odd textures. It uses fractional radio-frequency treatment to ablate and resurface the skin on your face by enhancing and restructuring collagen, which greatly improves a variety of aesthetic aspects of your face.

The Fractora method of anti-aging treatment uses both heat and dermabrasion to enhance the beauty of your face while reducing the appearance of flaws, a double whammy that creates unparalleled results. The device is handheld, and the head of it is equipped with minuscule pins called micro-points. These tiny pins gently create micro-lesion dots in your skin, and they deliver precise pulses of fractional radiofrequency waves to the deep tissues of your face, which stimulates collagen growth and causes deep tissues to contract, improving skin tone. As collagen is the agent responsible for youthful skin’s firmness, texture, and radiance, this actively reduces the lines, wrinkles, and scars on your face.

Fractional radiofrequency waves don’t do all the work, though, as the micro-points on the device prick your skin to give the treatment the benefits of dermabrasion. The micro-points can vary in length to customize the treatment to your individual needs, and they are strategically spaced on the device to promote the highest level of healing and rejuvenation, which, in combination with the radiofrequency waves, provides you with smoother, tighter, more radiant, and more youthful skin.

What’s the procedure and recovery like?

When you arrive at your physician’s office, they’ll begin your facial rejuvenation Fractora experience by applying topical cream to help numb the area. Some physicians will also recommend the use of an aesthetic injection, such as lidocaine, as well as ask that you take a pain-relieving medication before your appointment to help minimize discomfort.

After you’re adequately numbed, your physician will mark the area(s) to be treated with Fractora, whether it’s your cheeks, eyelids, forehead, neck, or elsewhere, and then begin the procedure. The Fractora handheld device is applied to the treatment areas, and all you’ll feel is a localized heat. A current of chilled air is passed over the skin at the same time as the Fractora device to make you more comfortable and prevent unnecessary skin irritation. Once all the treatment areas have been gone over with the device, the procedure is completed. On average, a round of treatment takes anywhere from one to two hours to complete.

Since this treatment is minimally invasive and doesn’t do damage to your skin, the recovery period is generally short and easy. Immediately after treatment, it’s recommended to keep the skin moist with a light moisturizer, and after three days you can begin wearing makeup again. It’s typical of the recovery process to experience some redness, minor swelling, temporary pigment and texture changes, and sometimes a reaction similar to acne, all of which will go away within a week in most cases. More serious side effects haven’t been reported, so if you experience great discomfort or an unusual reaction, be sure to contact your physician.

What are the results?

While more than one round of Fractora treatment is recommended for facial rejuvenation, the results are definitely worth it. The typical course of treatment involves three or more rounds of Fractora spaced four weeks apart. Some patients report seeing a noticeable difference soon after the first treatment, but the best results are seen around two weeks after getting Fractora for facial rejuvenation. Your skin will be smoother, firmer, and more radiant, without pigment irregularities, wrinkles, or lines. If you had acne scars, you could get a significant reduction with multiple treatments, and if you had unsightly veins, the treatment should significantly help reduce those, as well.

Fractora treatments provide benefits that are noticeable for a year or more, saving you the money and hassle of constantly using creams, lotions, and masks. Results vary by patient, as with most cosmetic procedures, but the reviews and patient reactions have been overwhelmingly positive.

Is it right for me?

Fractora treatments provide the best and safest facial rejuvenation results for patients who want a drastic change without invasive surgery. If you struggle daily with the aged appearance of your face and it’s making you miserable, schedule a free consult at Hotchandani Laser to see if Fractora is right for you. There are little to no risks involved with the procedure, and it’s been shown to be effective and safe for patients of all walks of life.

Let Fractora free the beauty of your face. Call today.

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