Achieve a Stunning, Chiseled Jawline Without Surgery!

Loose, sagging skin and pockets of diet and exercise-resistant fat can obscure the shape of your jawline, producing an aged or heavy-set appearance. Some believe that surgery is the only solution for addressing skin laxity and localized fat, but there are now several non-surgical alternatives. Patients can sculpt their jawline and achieve a more youthful aesthetic with innovative FaceTite™, Ultherapy™, or KYBELLA® treatments. Tightening loose neck skin and dissolving unwanted submental fat (double chin) with these methods can create a pleasing contour that accentuates facial beauty. Your desired jawline can be achieved using the technology that is the most appropriate for your unique needs.

Cosmetic Jawline Concerns and How to Address Them

The type of treatment you will need to reach your facial definition goals will depend on the imperfections you wish to correct as well as the severity of your condition. Some patients can get optimal results by combining procedures or undergoing multiple sessions, which is why it is so important to have a thorough one-on-one meeting with a specialist before deciding which rejuvenation approach to take. Scheduling a personal consultation with an experienced cosmetic professional is the best way to find out which methods will be able to address your concerns.

Double Chin

If you have good skin elasticity but struggle with stubborn submental fat, you may be a candidate for treatment with KYBELLA®. KYBELLA® is an injectable formula that contains deoxycholic acid, a molecule that is naturally produced by the body to process fat during digestion. Once injected into the area under the chin, it begins to dissolve the targeted fat cells, revealing a more sculpted jawline within four to six weeks.

Moderate Skin Laxity

Those who are beginning to notice moderate signs of aging in the neck and jawline area may consider Ultherapy™. This FDA-cleared device tightens and smooths the skin using ultrasound energy to trigger the production of collagen without causing any trauma to the surrounding tissues. Most patients obtain satisfying results with just one appointment, but annual touch-ups are recommended to preserve the effects for longer.

Compound Issues

People who have developed more severe skin laxity and unwanted fat along the jawline can benefit from FaceTite™, an advanced alternative to facelift surgery. The thin FaceTite™ probe is inserted just beneath the surface of the skin, and radio frequency (RF) energy is delivered. This minimally invasive procedure is performed using only local anesthesia and sedation to eliminate the risks associated with general anesthesia and allow patients to resume their daily routine sooner.

What Happens Following My Treatment?

Typically, men and women who choose KYBELLA® or Ultherapy™ treatment do not need an extended recovery period. Those who opt for FaceTite™ need to wear a compression garment but can resume the majority of their regular activities following their procedure. To see the final outcome of your treatment, it can take one month after KYBELLA®, three to six months after Ultherapy™, and up to three months after FaceTite™.



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