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Fat removal techniques, such as liposuction, are successful in sculpting problem areas and producing a slender silhouette. However, patients who have poor skin elasticity may not achieve their desired results with traditional liposuction surgery. Dr. Hotchandani recognized this dilemma and has trademarked ReNUplasty® liposuction technique to deliver superior contouring results. This innovative approach combines VASERlipo® with Renuvion™, tightening the skin while removing unwanted fatty tissue in one procedure.

Ideal Candidates for ReNUplasty®

Men and women who are considering ReNUplasty® must be at or close to a healthy weight and have realistic expectations of their results. Additionally, ideal candidates for this procedure also have poor skin elasticity in the target areas. You may be a candidate for ReNUplasty® treatment if you have excess body fat and skin laxity but have difficulty achieving the figure you want. Dr. Hotchandani will determine if ReNUplasty® is right for you during the initial consultation.

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The ReNUplasty® Process

ReNUplasty® is Dr. Hotchandani’s trademarked body contouring surgery that incorporates two highly effective techniques: VASERlipo® and Renuvion™. The powerful combination of these technologies gives patients with skin laxity and stubborn fat deposits the physique of their dreams.


VASERlipo® involves the use of traditional tumescent liposuction with the assistance of ultrasound technology. Ultrasound energy is delivered to the targeted fat with a thin probe that is inserted through small incisions at the treatment site. This process helps break down fat cells for easier and faster removal using a suction cannula.


Renuvion™ is revolutionizing the aesthetic industry by delivering both cold helium plasma and radiofrequency (RF) energy to precisely tighten lax tissue. As the fat cells disrupted by VASERlipo® are removed using a cannula, the Renuvion™ device works to contract the skin in the treatment area. This technique defines the newly formed contour while making the surface smoother and more youthful.

*Results and patient experience may vary.


ReNUplasty® is an outpatient procedure performed at our modern surgical facility. All patients go home the same day of their surgery after a brief observation period. Postoperative pain can be adequately managed with over-the-counter medication. Some bruising and swelling can develop, but these side effects should subside over a few weeks.

Those with occupations that do not involve strenuous labor may resume working within a few days. However, patients with physically demanding jobs may require longer time away from work or until cleared by Dr. Hotchandani. Detailed aftercare directions that include physical limitations will be provided at the first consultation.


Following ReNUplasty® it may take several weeks for all of the residual swelling to resolve to see immediate results which continue to improve over several months. Results should be long-lasting as long as patients lead a healthy, active lifestyle to avoid accumulating excess fat. Individuals often feel more motivated to eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly after their procedure to help maintain the effects.


Can the fat that is removed during my ReNUplasty® procedure be used for fat transfer?

Yes! ReNUplasty® combines Renuvion™ with VASERlipo®, which preserves the structure and integrity of the harvested fat cells. These fat cells tend to be healthier and more likely to produce a successful fat transfer result.

Will I have scarring after ReNUplasty®?

All of the incisions made during ReNUplasty® are small, so they do not typically cause noticeable scarring. However, there is always a risk of developing tiny puncture marks. The likelihood of forming scars is dependent on following the aftercare directions, the way your body heals, and other factors.

What areas can I improve with ReNUplasty®?

ReNUplasty® can address fat and skin laxity in various areas of the body and face, including the chin, neck, abdomen, hips, thighs, upper arms, male chest, bra line, and more!

What other contouring options do I have?

At Hotchandani Laser, Vein, and Cosmetic Surgery, we offer a range of different procedures to give patients the customized contours they desire. Some alternatives to ReNUplasty® are:

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